Writing your story matters.

There is no greater agony
than bearing an untold story inside you.
—Maya Angelou

Are you struggling to write your story? 

You need to write compelling copy for your website — whatever you’re offering to the world — that tells your story boldly. 

You need to create marketing newsletters that people want to open. 

Or, you want to create a piece of powerful writing — a personal essay; a speech; a personal manifesto — that helps you to make the pivot happening in your life with confidence.  

But you don’t know how to start. You don’t have the confidence — yet — about how to do this work. 

You need a guide. 

I’ll lead you through the process of starting and finishing a piece of writing that satisfies you.

Hire me to be your storytelling doula.
I can support you.

I’m here. And I can help you. 

I call myself a storytelling doula, because the word doula, in the ancient Greek language, meant “someone who serves.” And through this process, I’m going to help you “birth” your story.

This is why I only work with people one-on-one in this process. You need someone who is solely focused on you.

I can help you cut down on the intense labor of bringing your story to life, reduce your anxiety of writing and revising your story, and support you in sharing your story with the world.

Here’s how we’ll work together.

We’ll work together over Zoom, in 90-minute sessions, over a number of weeks. (We’ll determine how many we’ll need, depending on your project.) 

You’ll talk and I’ll type. I’ll listen to your story and ask you the questions that arise, gently helping you to reveal the story you want to tell and what you value. 

I’ll teach you a method for writing every day that will help you write without fear. We’ll talk about how to structure your piece of writing — I have two structures I use that will work for anything you write — dive into the sounds of words, and play with sentence structure. You’ll work up a first draft, a structured draft, and a draft full of wordplay and sentences that sing. 

We’ll workshop each draft together and help you come up with a final draft of your story that will make you feel satisfied.

I’ll be your ally and guide in this process. 

Remember — we need women’s stories right now. We need yours. 

Here’s what I offer.

Your website copy.

The copy for your website needs to convey the story of what you offer to the world. 

You are the story. 

Sentences you choose for that space need to be concise and clear. They also need to capture the full heart of YOU. 

Most of us don’t recognize what we give to the world. 

I can help you find your story.

Then, I’ll guide you to creating the copy that will capture the attention of your future loyal customers. 

Your marketing newsletters.

Are you sending out dry emails about products and sales to your email contacts? And wondering why no one is opening them.

Are you spending more time on social media than building your business? Figuring out how to make a reel or show up on TikTok may give you a dopamine rush — or night terrors — but it won’t build the kind of loyal audience you want for your work.

You can’t build a customer base on a platform you can’t control.

Your newsletter audience is gold. They want information directly from you.

Give them stories that make them into the hero, consistently, in your own voice.

Let me guide you in how to do this easily.

Your personal writing.

Do you have a story you need to tell, a story lingering like an ache in your gut, but you’re  afraid to start writing it?

Do you want to work out in words what’s happening in your life, to make sense of the shifts happening now? 

Do you have a big speech coming up, but you feel tongue-tied imagining that day?

I can be your guide, moving you from silent fear to bold confidence in a few sessions.

Hire me
as your writer.

Do you have something you know you need to write, but writing has scared you since middle school? 

I can help.

You can hire me as your writer for the project you have in mind.

(Exception. I’ll guide you on your personal writing, but only you can write that piece.) 

Let me help you put something kind and brave into the world.

Testimonials for my work. 

Shauna’s workshop helped me find my love for words again and remember why I enjoy writing. I’m so glad I finally made the commitment. Shauna creates a wonderful supportive space for you to play. I feel like I’ve already become a better writer, and discovered so many things about myself that I didn’t know I needed to write down.


Any creative endeavor requires courage, humility, and a willingness to be vulnerable. Working with Shauna has been a priceless experience. The tools she has given me are now an essential part of my writer’s arsenal.


Thank you for being a person who is open to talking and listening to hard things. I really loved your writing workshop. It has been a catalyst for a new layer of self acceptance. Thank you.


Sure, you could muddle through and keep telling yourself that eventually you’ll write that piece that’s digging in you. You could go it alone.

Or, you could work with me to have a supportive fellow writer who knows all the procrastination tricks and knows how to push through to a finished piece.

I can guide you to write your story. 

Next steps.

Want to talk? 

Email me at shauna@getcuriousaboutyourstory.com

Tell me about your project and how you’d like to work together.

If I feel we’re a good fit, I’ll send you a calendar link for a free, 30-minute consultation. 

That’s where we’ll discuss rates and talk about the details and deadlines.

Looking for a freelance writer for a project? 

Email me at shauna@getcuriousaboutyourstory.com. 

Are you an agent or publishing professional with an author who could use my help? 

Email me at shauna@getcuriousaboutyourstory.com


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Looking forward to talking with you soon,


You can learn to trust yourself as a writer.