You’re invited.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has."

– Margaret Mead

Want to cultivate more joy in your life?

It’s time to show up for yourself. 

When you believe that your joy matters, and start to act on that intention, you’ll find out who you are. 

It’s so much easier to pay attention to your joy when you’re part of a community of like-minded people who are cultivating their joy too.


Something magic happens when a group of like-minded women come together to work on a shared problem.

In the first moment, everyone is a stranger. But with the help of a skilled facilitator, the conversation is directed toward kindness. And then, through listening and talking, sharing and receiving, people come alive to each other.

Laughter happens. Vulnerability happens. Something shifts. Strangers start to become friends.

Solutions arise through those honest conversations.

People feel heard. They see each other. And they want to come together again.

The gathering itself makes the magic.

It’s those consistent and thoughtful gatherings that make us who we are. This is how we change our lives. This is how we help to change other people’s lives.

The gathering.

Now, imagine if the common goal of that gathering is to cultivate more joy together. 

Introducing: The Collective Joy Club. 

In the Collective Joy Club, I hold space on Saturday mornings for online conversations about what’s giving us joy, what’s blocking our joy, and how we can help each other with collective care.

I’ll be your host. And I’ll share my joys too. I’m the facilitator, helping you to talk about the hard things and the joyful moments. I’ll make sure you feel seen and heard. 

Become part of a community of people who want to cultivate more joy together.

At the end of every session together, you’ll move a little closer to who you want to become, because you paid attention to what matters to you. 

Knowing who you are — and dropping all the anxious pretending — is one of the most profound joys you’ll ever know. 

Let’s work on that together, joyfully.

Plus, this isn’t happening on social media.

We can feel safe sharing with each other without the fear that what we say will be used as data. No endless marketing. 

Just women, talking with each other. 

Here’s what happens in the Collective Joy Club. 

How will we do this? 

Every Saturday, at 10 am, PST, I’ll be holding the space on Zoom for women in the club to gather. I’ll let you know the theme of the week via email a few days before. Come if you can, if you want. 

When you show up, you’ll be welcome. You’ll see some familiar faces. And over time, make friends.  

What will the weekly gatherings look like? 

Every week, we women will show up together. 

I’ll start us off. And then we’ll talk and listen to each other. We’ll talk about what has been hard that week, what our joys were, and how we can share our joys with others. 

Everyone will feel heard. And you’ll learn how other people are cultivating their joys right now too.

What are the other benefits of becoming a member?

You’ll be given a subscription to my newsletter, You Can Have More Joy. Every morning, you’ll receive something that might spark joy: a poem, a joyful video, a quote, a story, a profile of someone else’s joy, and a video from me. Wake up to joy, 

And when I develop my latest teaching tool for joy — digital downloads or courses — you’ll receive it for free. 

This club is limited to 25 members. 

You can be a founding member. 

It’s for women in mid-life who have never felt like enough who want to cultivate their joy together. That often means talking through what’s hard. And then watching Instagram videos of babies laughing or Soul Train lines from the 1970s.

We laugh. We discuss hard things. We show up for each other.

Testimonials for the Collective Joy Club.

During the pandemic, Shauna has been an amazing support and solace online. Her Sunday morning Zoom group has been a real spirit life and lifesaver during this rough time. What a great group of women she has gathered! Shauna knows how to find the joys in life, no doubt. But she doesn't gloss over the hard parts either, providing researched and experienced support, plus practical suggestions for ways to find the gratitude and joy that are o often elusive in our lives. Shauna is one of us. She reminds us to take the best care of our humans selves as possible, despite what life's traumas have been handed us.

—Martha K.

The world needs Shauna’s work! This is not hasty positivity nor artificial optimism. This is Shauna, meeting us where we are with genuine compassion; guiding us back to our own wisdom; walking alongside us as we examine what might be blocking the brilliant parts of life. We may not always be able to control what happens, but with practice we can know and experience a more constant joy. Shauna’s work has changed my life, it will change yours too.”

— Brigette R.

Why would you choose me as your teacher? 

Teaching is sacred to me.

I taught high school English for more than a decade. I was that quirky English teacher who taught you that books mattered deeply, because they help us to understand what it means to be human. I cared about your life. But I was also the English teacher who pushed you hard to write more, write again, and write your heart out. I believed in you. And that’s why I wanted you to stop pretending and put your words on the page, ragged and wild words that could become something true.

After leaving teaching in a high school, I’ve taught the fundamentals of gluten-free baking, writing workshops, cooking classes, and how to discover your joy in doing social media for business. If something grabs my passion, and my life grows easier and more fascinating for knowing it, I want to pass it on.

For me, the most human and effective form of teaching is facilitating conversations among like-minded people who want to learn and be heard.

Teaching is hard work but it’s work I adore. Hearing that my teaching has made a difference in other people’s lives? That’s the only reward that matters to me. 

I’m inviting you to become one of only 25 founding members of the Collective Joy Club.

Come for the conversation and create a community. 

Cultivating your joy in a culture that’s not built for joy can be hard work.

Let’s build this together. 

I want to hear your ideas. I want you involved in the process of creating this club. Your insights and suggestions matter.

Cultivating your joy in a culture that’s not built for joy can be hard work.

Let’s build the Collective Joy Club together.

Would you like to become a founding member? 

To find out more, 

send me a note at 

Or, send me a DM on Instagram