Welcome to the Club.

The act of writing…is a unique experience, unlike anything else I know. You have to be in the right mood and start with a clear mind. You must trust your initial feelings because at the beginning you don’t really know where you’re going.”

– Paul McCartney


You have a story.

You’ve always loved books, language, and writing. And yet, you’re nervous that you’re not a “real writer”?

That’s part of why you’re struggling to find the drive to put pen to paper.

The other part? You’re terrified of writing that story. You know it’s going to change you.

And the legacy of grades, grammar corrections, and not feeling good enough have left you scared to write.

You need to work in community with other writers to free yourself to write.

It’s time to write your heart out.

I want to create this community with you. 


Come for the writing prompts and suggestions and create community with other writers.

One of my biggest joys in life is to talk and work with other writers, so we all can make connections and feel seen.

In the COLLECTIVE JOY OF WRITING, you’ll find kind, conscious conversations about what pieces of writing that spark joy, what’s blocking us from putting our words on the page, and how we can help each other by listening and offering supportive suggestions.

We’ll meet at the same time every week, on Zoom, for 90 minutes.

This IS NOT a class. This is an ongoing community of people who want to free themselves as writers.

I’m the moderator. And I have plenty of suggestions for writing and editing after 30 years of teaching and writing. But this isn’t about me or learning from me. I’m the gatherer.
This is about creating community through playing with language together.

Each group is limited to 12 people, so we’ll have a chance to be seen and heard.

The first week of the month, I’ll be teaching some aspects of writing that can help you to think about the process differently. Such as? How to play with the sound of your sentences; how to write about memory; how writing about a meal can spark a story; how to play with sentence structure to find your voice.

And then I’ll send you off to practice.

What I present on that week of the month could be workshops I promote or products you could download and learn on your own time.

But as a lifelong teacher, I know it’s the synergy of the group that makes for learning that matters.

The second week of the month, we’ll learn from a guest writer, who will talk about their process of writing or a technique that works to wake up their words. And sometimes, that could be you!

The third week of the month, we’ll show up to investigate a great piece of writing together. What can we learn from fiction, feature, and creative nonfiction writing to write our story more clearly?

The last week of the month, we’ll show up and talk. I’ll provide the particular theme, and then we’ll talk and listen. What’s going well? What’s a block in your writing? Where do you need a nudge?

The chat will become a treasure trove of good tips and links to follow.

Plus, being part of a community of writers means you’ll have fellow writers you trust to read your pieces and workshop with you. I’ll facilitate those meetings.

Every week between sessions, I’ll be holding open office hours on the same day and time. Come write together or ask questions about your piece on Zoom. 

Along with these weekly meetings and supportive community, you’ll also receive daily writing prompts, pieces of writing to consider, and quotes and interviews about writing from other writers. That’s part of your subscription to the Collective Joy of Writing newsletter.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

How to quiet that stern editor voice that insists you’re not good enough and how to embrace the chaos of creativity instead.

How to write with the specific details of your life.

How to take what you created in the first, chaotic draft into a structure that starts making sense.

How to cut, edit, and revise your piece, paying close attention to the sound and sense of each sentence.

How to play with language so every word and sentence says what you mean.

How to know when you are done with a piece of writing.

We’ll be working together, working intently with language, listening to each other’s stories, and consciously deciding the words we leave on the page.

This is a club that helps you be honest with yourself about as a writer.

Here, we embrace the messy, exhilarating experience of the creative process. Collaborating with other writers in the process creates a kind of collective effervescence you could never experience on your own. on 

I’m inviting you to join as a founding member of the Collective Joy of Writing Club.

I want to hear your ideas. I want you involved in the process of creating this process. Your insights and suggestions matter.

Let’s build something together.

Nurturing and sustaining a writing process that’s not made for thoughtful people who want to cultivate a wider mind can be hard work.

Let’s build the Collective Joy of Writing Club together.


Shauna’s workshop helped me find my love for words again and remember why I enjoy writing. I’m so glad I finally made the commitment. Shauna creates a wonderful supportive space for you to play. I feel like I’ve already become a better writer, and discovered so many things about myself that I didn’t know I needed to write down.

—Jackie P.

Any creative endeavor requires courage, humility, and a willingness to be vulnerable. Working with Shauna has been a priceless experience. The tools she has given me are now an essential part of my writer’s arsenal.

—Heather M.

Thank you for being a person who is open to talking and listening to hard things. I really loved your writing workshop. It has been a catalyst for a new layer of self acceptance. Thank you.

—Sara B

Interested in becoming a founding member? 

Send me a note to me at shauna@youcanhavemorejoy.com.