This workshop is on a Pay What You Want basis. 

So much goodness has arrived in my life from letting go of money as a determining factor for what I offer to the world. I’d like to offer this workshop to anyone who wants to take it. 

I’d like to guide you. I’ve been teaching writing for 30 years and this is the most powerful teaching I’ve ever done.  

This workshop will be recorded and might be used for future classes. 

Registration for this workshop will be closed on the evening of June 23rd, at 8 pm, PST.  

If you sign up before that, you’ll receive a packet of readings in your email on Friday, June 24th. 

Remember — your story matters. 

The 15-Minute Story Workshop

Learn to free yourself as a writer.


Be kind to yourself.
Be brave and write.
Be you on the page.