with yourself

Are you in a transition time — no longer feeling good in your corporate career since COVID began or itching  to return to a time in your life when you felt good — and you’re not sure who you are now? Are you starting to wonder if the story you’ve been telling yourself for decades is actually true? 

Are you overwhelmed by a recent revelation in your life — such as a midlife ADHD diagnosis or going through a divorce — that’s requiring you to look at your life anew?

Would you like to flip the script of the screenplay of your life? Do you yearn to live with integrity — when the life you live connects directly with your deeply held values — and feel more ease

Would you like to live with more joy? 

I can guide you through the process of understanding your story. 

I’d like to be your storytelling doula.
I can support you.

I call myself a storytelling doula, because the word doula, in the ancient Greek language, means “someone who serves.” And through this process, I’m going to help you “birth” your story.

This is why I generally work with people one-on-one in this process. You need someone who is solely focused on you.

I can help you cut down on the intense labor of reuniting with yourself through storytelling.  

Here’s how this will work.

During our first Zoom conversation:

You’ll talk and I’ll type. I’ll listen to your life, ask questions about your story, your values, and what gives you joy. I type fast and I’ll use all that material to craft the first draft of a narrative for you. 

During our second Zoom conversation:

You’ll talk and I’ll type. I’ll listen to you, plus ask you questions about the people and communities who inspire you. We’ll also talk about some of the hard stuff. What don’t you like doing? What’s hard for you? What are the impediments in your path? I’ll use all that material to add to the first draft of a narrative for you.  

During our third Zoom conversation:

Together, we’ll go over the first full draft of your new story. We’ll talk through it, change what doesn’t feel right to you, and discuss the details. Then, I’ll read you the story you didn’t know yet: the story of who you are.

I’ll give you some questions and readings to work with during the week. 

During our fourth Zoom conversation:

We’ll talk together about how this new story of you sits in your skin. Does it feel accurate? Does it feel possible? 

I’ll help you to share the stories from your life that match this story of who you  are, the stories you’ve been disregarding because they didn’t fit the story you were trying to fit into, like tight shoes that gave you blisters. 

What might you do with your life, once you have this new understanding of who you are? 

What could you offer the world with this ease and joy? 

You may have never done work like this before. 

I haven’t written a curriculum for this. I don’t use a script. 

Instead, I’ll be asking you questions and listening deeply, without judgment. We’ll sit together over Zoom, present and ready to engage in collaborative curiosity. It’s an act of trust and improvisation, alive  in the moment. Yes and. 

These are not therapy sessions. But this process has been therapeutic for everyone with whom I’ve worked. 

I would love to guide you through those moments of trust and openness with you. 

I know that you will be changed by it. 

If you’re drawn to this process, then email me at

Tell me a little of why you’re interested in doing this work with me. 

If I feel we’re a good fit, I’ll send you a calendar link for a 30-minute consultation. 

That’s where we’ll discuss rates and talk about the details and deadlines.

I’m looking forward to talking with you,