Overwhelmed and tired these days?

Did these last 20 months make it clear that you can’t keep living the way you did before COVID hit? But you also don’t know how to create more joy or give yourself more time off? 

You’re not alone.

You want to have more joy and relaxed days, but you keep waiting for them to arrive.

And you don’t know how to make a new habit of joy.

I can help you. 

Let's get started!

It’s OKAY to put yourself first.

I can guide you through the steps to discovering your joy. 

You might want to start with a one-time, 90-minute session together to talk about how to discover your joy.

When we agree to work with each other, I’ll send you some reading and prompts to think about before our session

Together, we’ll talk about your own particular joys, what is blocking your joy, and some ideas for working with your own mind to move forward.

Afterward, I’ll send you reminders of our work together, some suggested reading, and some questions for you to answer on your own. 

If you find that our session together sparked joy and leaves you curious about more, then we can work together in multiple sessions. 

Do you need more help finding joy in your work? Your parenting? Your relationships? Or do you want help making the habit of joy? Or designing your days for more joy? 

I’m here. 

Let’s talk. 

Some of the options we can discuss.

Stories and videos that illustrate the SEVEN STEPS TO JOY.

Questions to answer as you walk through your day.

contemplative practices that help.

Prompts for writing.

Joy practices to try.

How to set reminders for meeting your intentions.

I will offer you support and suggestions, accountability and guidance. You might need reminders that this work — which can be challenging — is worth it.

You can become the hero of your own life. 

It’s time for you to thrive.

Would you like more details?

Schedule a 20-minute video call with Shauna. It’s free. No sales pitch. Just a good conversation, with questions and reflection. Let’s see if we connect.