Let’s talk about joy together.

Freedom is not given to us by anyone; we have to cultivate it ourselves. It is a daily practice.

– Thich Nhat Hanh

So many people think of you as the strongest person in the room. You’re always there for whoever you think needs you. You’re the last person anyone would suspect is struggling.

But inside, you’re crumbling. You haven’t slept well in years. You don’t know how to stop working so hard or giving so much. You worry.

And these past two years have been almost unbearable because we’re living in deep uncertainty.

You want more joy but you feel compelled to cross off everything on your endless to-do list first.

You’re stuck.

You were taught that your feelings need to come last.

You want to lay down your load. You don’t know how.

Time to change your mind.

Time for you to cultivate your joy.

Let’s Cultivate Our Joy Together. 

In this online workshop, I’ll teach you in detail about the 4-step process to cultivate your joy.

  1. Dig your hands in the dirt.
  2. Pull out the weeds.
  3. Tend to your joy.
  4. Share with your neighbors.


Each session will be part presentation and part conversation, together.

Work with your mind to allow more joy. 

How will we do this? 

We’ll meet on Zoom, for 90 minutes, at the same time every week. 

If you can’t be there one week, no problem. You’ll have access to the recordings. 

Each group is limited to 15 people, so we can learn to know each other well. 


What will the weekly gatherings look like? 

Every week, we’ll show up together. 

I’ll teach you the curriculum I’ve developed. It’s based on understanding your own, particular joy and what blocks them. We talk about the way our nervous systems function and how we can calm them. Then, how to make a habit of joy and how to share it with others. 

You’ll learn something new every week. You’ll be heard. And you’ll start to know the people in the group with you too. 

We’ll talk together and laugh. 

After each session, I’ll send you a workbook full of questions and exercises to help you cultivate your joy. 

Spending a full month thinking and working on your joy, with me, and with a group of like-minded people? It can change your life. 

Let me be your guide.

I can show you the path to cultivating your joy.

For nearly fifty years, I worried I wasn’t good enough. I feared and fretted and pretended everything was okay.

And then I had a mini-stroke.

I knew that I had to change my life. I learned to understand how my body kept the score of my traumatic childhood and how my well had run nearly dry. I learned to calm my nervous system to allow my mind and body to fully relax.

I started cultivating my joy.

Learning to design my life for joy has changed me, deeply.

Now, I’m thriving.

And as soon as I began to heal deeply from my childhood trauma and maladaptive habits, I realized I needed to teach this to others.

I want you to thrive too.


Thank you so much for this workshop. This time with you has been so helpful to me. And also for my partner. Talking about everything we’re learning has made us slow down, talk more, dream more, and reflect on our lives. I was so freaked out at life before the workshop that I couldn’t even see the things that are wonderful around me.

Before this workshop, the word joy was triggering for me. That word felt like that false positivity you see online, with people pretending their lives are perfect. I’m so thrilled that you’ve changed the meaning of the word for me. It’s about now. Today.

Today there is sun, the sky is an intense blue, and I get to read. Take a walk with my insane dog. Kiss my partner. And cook good food. This is the life I want to build.

—Monica F.

Let’s Cultivate Our Joy Together

Take the 4-week workshop in community.