Freeing Yourself as a Writer

There is no greater agony
than bearing an untold story inside you.
—Maya Angelou

Struggling to write your story?

Add this 15-minute habit to your day. 

Every day, sit down with a piece of paper and pen, put on the timer, and write a story from your life. Any story. Trust what your brain wants to remember. And write that story with the specific details of what happened. Stop when the timer goes off. Do it again the next day. 

Repeat for 6 weeks. Read what you’re creating.

Let me teach you the writing practice that has guided me to create 5 award-winning books, thousands of essays, and whatever I’m starting to write today.

I’m offering The Freeing Yourself as a Writer workshop on Saturday, June 25th, at 11 am, PST, on Zoom.

This workshop is free. 

You need a guide.
Let me be your storytelling doula.

You want to write. 

You love books, storytelling, and language. You love what words can do. 

You need to write.

There’s a story you need to write, something that matters to you. 

You know your business website would connect with people directly if you could convey the story of what you offer to the world.

You need to write a marketing newsletter for your business that creates more loyal customers. 

But sitting down to write makes your heart race. You feel a little sweaty. You worry halfway through the first sentence that it’s not good enough.

Why are you so anxious?

You doubt yourself. 

All through school, you were told that grades, grammar, and good penmanship is what made a piece of writing good.  

And you believe that story, still.

You think you’re not good enough to write. You don’t feel like a “real writer.” 


I call myself a storytelling doula because the word doula, in the ancient Greek language, means “someone who serves.” And through this process, I’m going to help you “birth” your story.

I can help you cut down on the intense labor of bringing your story to life, reduce your anxiety of writing and revising your story, and support you in sharing your story with the world.

The 15-Minute Story

Devoting 15 minutes a day to writing one of your stories, every day, can help you grow curious and begin to shift your perspective.

What happens when you commit to writing a 15-minute story every day for 6 weeks?

You’ll create a habit of daily writing.

You’ll free yourself to write down your stories, without worrying they’re not good enough for anyone else to read.

You’ll start to write with the specific details of your own life, instead of trying to sound like a writer.

What will happen at the workshop?

I’ll guide the conversation with stories, tips, and techniques. 

But mostly, this will be a shared conversation.

We’ll write together.

We’ll listen to each other.

We’ll have conversations about why it has felt so hard for you to believe in your own writing.

We’ll read and discuss short pieces by Hannah Gadsby, Frank O’Hara, Ocean Vuong, Betty Smith, Kiese Laymon, Ashley C. Ford, Ursula K. LeGuin, and Virginia Woolf.

What might happen after the workshop?

You might be so inspired by the conversations and hearing other people’s stories that you decide to commit to the habit of writing.

You might decide to dedicate yourself to a longer writing project after some time with the 15-minute story practice. I have a writers’ group that meets weekly. We’ll talk. Maybe you need to be in that room too.

I’m publishing stories by women who got curious about their story on my Substack publication, Getting Curious About Your Story. This workshop could give you the confidence to write your story, work with me as an editor, then have your story published.

Sure, you could muddle through alone, promising you’ll start writing. Tomorrow. 


You could take this workshop and find a path to more ease and joy in writing.

Be kind to yourself.
Be brave and write.
Be you on the page.