Join the Collective Joy of Writing club. 


Write and talk with the same writers, every week. Together, we’ll develop a community that will help you free yourself as a writer.



Here’s what your membership dues to the club will give you.

  • A weekly Zoom with the same small group of writers, at the same time each week.
  • Lessons about specific craft choices in writing.
    Conversations with guest writers, monthly.
  • A Collective Joy of Writing book selection each month.
  • Weekly office hours with Shauna, to work together and ask questions.
  • Access to writers whose opinions you trust for workshopping pieces.
  • Subscription to the Collective Joy of Writing newsletter, with daily writing prompts, quotes from other writers and creative people, plus a weekly round-up of great pieces of writing.
  • The sense of collective joy of knowing and learning with fellow writers.

Club dues are $149 per month. 

If that’s not available to you, but you feel a pull toward this experience, please send me an email at We can work it out.