“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”

– Helen Keller


What would life be like if we learned to value our own joy?

What if we worked less and connected more? What if we learned to care for each other in community?

What if we didn’t incessantly press ourselves to grind and hustle to survive? What if that’s only what capitalism and the far-reaching effects of the Puritanical work ethic have drilled into us?

What if we each found our definition of enough and let go of that old mindset? What would life be like without that incessant pressure?

What would it be like to have weekly conversations with other kind people who want to cultivate their joy? To come together to talk about the hard things, the joys of our lives, and collective care? 

What would life be like if we practiced collective joy?

I want to create this joyful community with you.

Introducing: The Collective Joy Club. 

Come for the conversation and become part of a community.

In the Collective Joy Club, you’ll be part of weekly conversations about what is giving us joy, what’s blocking our joy, and how we can help each other with collective care. 

One of my biggest joys in life is to gather people together so they can make connections and feel seen.

I’ll be your host. And I’ll share my joys too. But this isn’t about me or learning from me. I’m the facilitator, helping you to talk about the hard things and the joyful moments. 

And I’d love to know you. 

Become part of a community of people who want to cultivate more joy together.

Here’s what happens in the Collective Joy Club. 

How will we do this? 

We’ll meet on Zoom, for 90 minutes, at the same time every week. 

If you can’t be there one week, no problem. You’ll have access to the recordings. 

Each group is limited to 20 people, so we can learn to know each other well. 

What will the weekly gatherings look like? 

Every week, we’ll show up together. 

I’ll start us off. And then we’ll talk and listen to each other. 

Everyone will feel heard. And you’ll learn how other people are cultivating their joys right now too.

Will it be the same every week?

We’ll vary the basic format a bit to keep it interesting.

One week of the month, we’ll have a guest speaker to help us talk about joy in a specific way. 

Another week of the month, I’ll present something I’ve learned about cultivating more joy, like How to Design Your Day for Joy and How to Parent with Joy.

This is a club for people who want to cultivate their joy together. That often means talking through what’s hard. And then watching Instagram videos of babies laughing or Soul Train lines from the 1970s.

We laugh. We discuss hard things. We show up for each other.

The most powerful joy is collective joy. 

I’m inviting you to become a founding member of the Collective Joy Club.

Cultivating your joy in a culture that’s not built for joy can be hard work.

Let’s build this together. 

I want to hear your ideas. I want you involved in the process of creating this club. Your insights and suggestions matter.

Cultivating your joy in a culture that’s not built for joy can be hard work.

Let’s build the Collective Joy Club together.


During the pandemic, Shauna has been an amazing support and solace online. Her Sunday morning Zoom group has been a real spirit life and lifesaver during this rough time. What a great group of women she has gathered! Shauna knows how to find the joys in life, no doubt. But she doesn't gloss over the hard parts either, providing researched and experienced support, plus practical suggestions for ways to find the gratitude and joy that are o often elusive in our lives. Shauna is one of us. She reminds us to take the best care of our humans selves as possible, despite what life's traumas have been handed us.

—Martha K.

The world needs Shauna’s work! This is not hasty positivity nor artificial optimism. This is Shauna, meeting us where we are with genuine compassion; guiding us back to our own wisdom; walking alongside us as we examine what might be blocking the brilliant parts of life. We may not always be able to control what happens, but with practice we can know and experience a more constant joy. Shauna’s work has changed my life, it will change yours too.”

— Brigette R.

Join the club.

Come for the conversation and become part of a community.