Are you curious about your rage yet?

Or are you afraid to do more than dip your toe into it? You could take off your clothes and dive into its murky depths and rise to the surface, cleansed. 

When was the last time you played?

Really, truly played? Turned off your phone and the endless stream of worries that bombard your brain?

When did you last roll down a hill? Felt a little scared while standing on a skateboard? Ride your bike alone and feel the wind in your ears? 

Have you moved your body in joy lately? Not to exercise or stay fit or chase back the chant that you still have 25 pounds left to lose? When was the last time you felt unfurled, your arms out from your sides, your palms open to the sky, and felt every single cell in your body alive? 

Do you create every day? Write a story without a deadline? Press wildflowers onto a page to see if their colors will stay? Finger paint without your kids? Learn to play the ukulele for the hell of it? 

Are you still listening to shoulds?

Should is a red-faced guy inside us who has a tiny little fist and he shakes that balled-up grip in the air, in a gesture that suggests violence. He throws his tiny little fists of violence against women, in particular, and shouts, “Get that should thing done.” 

Have you kicked him out of your chest yet? 

Have you freed yourself? Have you decided to stop living in the dark tunnel of who you told you were and let yourself free by getting curious about your story? There’s light out there. Go find it. 

Have you reached back your hand to free the woman behind you? 

Maybe not.


But you can. 

Be Kind.
Be Brave.
Be You.

...every time I understand a little more, I wonder why it’s taken me so long—why there was ever a time when I didn’t understand a thing so obvious and real and true...

Octavia Butler, from Parable of the Sower

Consider me your storytelling doula.
I will support you.

I call myself a storytelling doula, because the word doula, in the ancient Greek language, means “someone who serves.” And through this process, I’m going to help you “birth” your story.

I can help you cut down on the intense labor of bringing your story to life, reduce your anxiety of writing and revising your story, and support you in sharing your story with the world

Here’s what I offer.

Camp Curiosity

Relaxation. Fierce Compassion. Connection.

Camp Curiosity is a 6-week online experience for like-minded women to be in community. Every week, we’ll share in conversations, creative space, and laughter. There’s great food offered — favorite recipes from Gluten-Free Girl — as well as morning mindfulness reminders. We’ll create a community on the Camp Curiosity social network. We even have variety shows!

To sign up for the wait list for the Fall session, click on this link. 

Come together in a group of women.

We’ll convene at the same time, each week, for months, to share our stories and come up with solutions to what is blocking us.

We’ll bring a richness to the table.

We’ll laugh. We’ll be vulnerable. We’ll help each other find our calm, honor our minds, and enjoy our lives.

Over time, we’ll become collective friends.

To find out more details, click on this link. 

One-on-One Connection

I guide and listen. And over time, that work we do together allows you to see how powerful you are. 

I offer a series of one-on-one workshops, including

Reuniting with Yourself Through Storytelling

Editing Your Story 

Sharing Your Story with the World 

Plus, whatever transformational guidance you feel you might need to do with me. 

Interested in learning more? 

Email me at 


“ENOUGH isn’t just the incredibly well-written story of Shauna Ahern’s life, it’s also one of the best accounts of human growth I’ve ever read. Through abuse, rejection, illness, romance, motherhood, and finally, authentic truth-telling, Ahern leans into the uncomfortable realities of being a person in the world. Reader, do not be afraid. These uncomfortable truths are told so compassionately, so beautifully, you won’t be tempted to look away. This book reveals the big heart of one woman, and in return, shows us so much of what we can hope to become.”

Ashley C. Ford, author of the New York Times best-selling memoir, Somebody’s Daughter

“Shauna is a leader who understands and empathizes deeply. Being in one of her communities is an explorative and healing experience. Shauna’s unique perspective helps bring clarity to so much of life’s chaos. Time with her is always well-spent.”

Jennifer J.

“The world needs Shauna’s work! This is not hasty positivity nor artificial optimism. This is Shauna, meeting us where we are with genuine compassion; guiding us back to our own wisdom; walking alongside us as we examine what might be blocking the brilliant parts of life. We may not always be able to control what happens, but with practice we can know and experience a more constant joy. Shauna’s work has changed my life, it will change yours too.”

Brigette R.

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You can cultivate the courage
to embrace who you are.