You’re smart. You’re kind to others. Somehow you make it look like you’re holding it all together.

And yet, you’re feeling snappy and frazzled, on the edge of burnout. You’re taking care of everyone else but you.  

You don’t have to feel like this. 

Ready to leave the safety of where you are to become who you can be?

Transformative facilitation for curious, creative women who want to change the story they’ve been telling themselves.

Imagine this. 

You wake up slowly in the morning, put your feet on the ground, and say out loud, “Today’s going to be wonderful.” You’re not just saying that, hoping. You have evidence that your day will be calm and connected. Why? After going on the path to discover why you used to neglect your own needs, you’ve learned to give yourself rest. You invest time in yourself.

You don’t rush anymore.

Nothing worries you.

And if something hard arises — as it does, because we’re human — you feel those hard feelings, then remember that the only thing in life we can control is how we respond to what happens. You take some deep breaths, you call your best friend, and you go for a walk in nature. That’s how you deal with your stress.

You give yourself more time to be grounded in your body.

You can learn this too.

How do I know? Because I once was where you are now.

I was a lifelong people pleaser, obsessed-with-productivity-hacks over-worker, and anxious most of the day.

Suffering a mini stroke in 2015 made me wake up and become more curious about why my needs were rarely on my to-do list. Being diagnosed with cPTSD made me realize I had been treating myself this way from childhood.

Over time, with the help of 22 years of mindfulness meditation practice, years of learning about neuroscience — specifically how the brain builds effective habits — and facilitating transformative change with women in workshops and one-on-one work, I know I can help you.

I developed a method for dropping the doubt and becoming mindfully kind to myself. I’m always becoming more curious about how I could add more calm, joy, and gratitude to my life. Over time, I’ve written a new story of who I am.

As a skilled facilitator, I want to share the path to powerful transformation with you.

Your life will be changed.

Here’s the path to transforming your life.


Showing up for this 4-week workshop to listen, receive, and learn how to build habits that ADD kindness to your life? This is taking action on your vision of changing your life.  










Here’s how I show up in this work.

My intention in these workshops is always to create community.

That’s why I don’t tell you what to do or give you any advice. Instead, I work to create a community where women can hold space for each other to change. I’ll be facilitating these sessions through deep listening, curious questions, and a few well-placed suggestions that might resonate with you.

Any tips or resources I offer to you are backed by science and the experience of working with hundreds of women who have become kinder to themselves through this work.

We’re going to talk together — you’ll hear other women’s voices more than mine — and laugh. Oh, we have to laugh when we can!

I will also have a Slack channel for the women taking this workshop together, where we can talk, share ideas, and funny moments, every day of the workshop.

We’ll come to know each other. You’ll no longer feel alone in this.

How I ask you to show up for this work.

Show up ready to share your stories, if you’re comfortable doing that with people you are starting to know.

Show up ready to listen, if you’re better at receiving stories than telling them.

Thank you for being true to who you are.

Show up ready to be vulnerable. Show up ready to listen and receive, openly.

When you agree to attend this workshop, I will ask you to commit to showing up on time, being kind to everyone, and being brave enough to receive the possibility of change.

Be kind. Be brave. Be you.

“ENOUGH isn’t just the incredibly well-written story of Shauna Ahern’s life, it’s also one of the best accounts of human growth I’ve ever read. Through abuse, rejection, illness, romance, motherhood, and finally, authentic truth-telling, Ahern leans into the uncomfortable realities of being a person in the world. Reader, do not be afraid. These uncomfortable truths are told so compassionately, so beautifully, you won’t be tempted to look away. This book reveals the big heart of one woman, and in return, shows us so much of what we can hope to become.”

Ashley C. Ford, author of the New York Times best-selling memoir, Somebody’s Daughter

I have found such solace and support in what Shauna shares in her Zoom sessions. The weekly sessions with Shauna and the wonderful women she gathered from around the world helped me to save my mind during the pandemic. Shauna doesn’t gloss over the dark and frightening times - she frankly acknowledges the trauma most of us have in our lives, in one way or another. She isn’t a fake purveyor of positive-only drivel - she is honest, and has been through it, and has so many ways of coping, managing, rising! She does the research and shares the science, and she also extends a hand and a virtual hug and a great, hearty laugh! I am glad to count her as a friend, now.

Martha K.

Finishing out this year in the circle Shauna has created gives me comfort, energy, light, and joy. This experience with Shauna is such a gift.

Nancie M

You can cultivate the courage to embrace who you are.